How to choose a car radio?

Car radio is not only a source of important (eg. Road) information, but above all also a companion, so that you can journey a more pleasant listening to your favorite music from the radio or player.

The dimensions of the car radio

Selecting the size of a car radio suitable just for your car is very simple.

We distinguish between two sizes


2-DIN car radios

2-DIN car radios are larger and generally have a large touch screen. Most of them can already play DVD (only exceptionally CD). In addition, generally they are equipped with a Bluetooth handsfree for the implementation of functions in relation to mobile phones, USB input, pocket for memory cards and possibly also navigation.

2-DIN car radios appear to offer manufacturers a significantly smaller number than the classic 1-DINowe. 2-DINowe car radios are exceptions also more expensive than conventional 1-DINowych.

1-DIN car radios

1-DIN car radios are the most prevalent and each brand offers a large selection of models, which differ from the rules equipment.

Display and backlight

The basic parameter on which you can begin to limit the choice is the key illumination and display to the car radio in harmony with the design and backlit instrument panel in the car.

The basic and most commonly used backlight colors are: red, green, blue, and can choose between two colors. Today it offers also the possibility of a greater number of combinations of colors.

The display can be illuminated in blue or white, some models can also playback DVD.


The next parameter selection is the ability to play a CD or DVD.

Car radios already widely reproduce MP3 format, models of DVD as DivX, moreover, are equipped with an FM tuner and FM / AM RDS (which allows you to display station names, titles, broadcast songs or music genre) and allow preselection.

Protection of the car radio

To protect against theft is generally detachable front panel (no panel removal occurs in exceptional cases on the radio 2-DINowych). Of course there is also protection against shocks. Some models are also equipped with a remote control, a card (IR remote control), or mounted on the steering wheel.

Inputs of car radio

Of course there is the front audio input, you can meet also with USB, Bluetooth, or pocket for memory cards serving eg. To play your favorite music. Today, more and more popular is the USB port with a direct connection of Apple iPod / iPhone.

A more extensive selection can be made following the number of outputs with the possibility of connecting a subwoofer, or amplifier for better sound quality.


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