What is the cooling capacity of the air conditioner?

It is a question that should know the answer before you choose the air conditioner. Cooling power, usually assigned strictly volume of the room and stated on the label price, and measured in kW or BTU / h, defined as output device operating in cooling mode at full load. With this concept is related to energy consumption, or power drawn from the grid needed to produce the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. It can not be confused with the power drawn by the device.

Let us remember that these parameters relate to various physical quantities: the energy associated with heat and electricity. Cooling capacity is not the amount of electricity which uses the air conditioner!

For the buyer important information will also be an estimated annual energy consumption in kWh served. It is calculated based on the standard model of the household and the approximate amount of energy consumed by the air conditioner. The models that are not only cool but also heat, manufacturers provide the heating power (kW) or heating efficiency (all this information on the label).