Buying a hair dryer

Hair dryer is a seemingly simple device that has one task – to dry wet hair. Modern models offer not only a number of additional features that allow hair care, but also their styling and modeling. So which device to buy, in order to minimize harm it the hair? Here are a few things you should pay attention when planning the purchase of the dryer.

On the market there are different types of hair dryers – from professional, the tourist, when intended for home use. Usually hair professional, as provided for hairdressers, from those intended for domestic use mainly differ more durable engines, which have to cope with many hours of work. Usually, they are also larger than usual and dryers are equipped with a long cable – approx. 3 meters make it easy to operate them in at the barbershop. Of course, nothing stands in the way to buy a home dryer with a shelf professional, but then you have to reckon with a higher price. Moreover, regardless of whether the dryer as consumers are addressed to individual or professional hairdressers, many models are equipped with an additional cap include concentrator for fast drying or diffuser allows lifting the hair at the root.

Cold air is important

Cold air is a crucial and necessary issue when it comes to choosing the right model. With its help, we can dry your hair, without fear that wear out. Many professional hairdressers stresses that cold air is beneficial to the health of the hair. The cooler air closes the scales of the hair and scalp cooling, thereby reducing the perspiration. Generally, each drying hair should end their treatment of the cold stream, making them more shiny and smooth. Of course, it would be good to set the device off hot and cold supply air had another average, just warm. With his power quietly We put hair, flatten them on the brush or slightly turn up the ends.

Keep eye on power

Power is one of the most important parameters of each household appliances. Commercially available models can be from 850 to 2400 W. Why is it so important? Fan output determines how quickly dry out hair. But you have to remember that the longer and thicker the hair, the more power should be a device. In the end, the less we dry them, the less they disagree. Therefore there is no reason for a woman with short hair dryer buying power of 2400 W.

Cable length

In the construction of a solid hair dryer it is essential to several elements, which also should pay attention. First and foremost is the cable length, which is typically about 2 meters. Usually this length is sufficient, in the end in many homes outlet is located near the mirror. Another issue is what exactly to do with the cable after drying off and drying. The only solution available in the vast majority of the models is to wrap the rope around the handle. Unfortunately, this does not always work, because first cable slides the handle, and secondly can fold cracking the electrical wires. Therefore, the dryer model with the option to roll the cable into the bracket may be the best solution.
Hair dryers are devices created for people busy. Of course, the healthiest option for their hair to wash, wrap in a towel, which will absorb the excess water and leaving it to dry on its own. Unfortunately, today, all somewhere in a hurry, so devices such as hair dryers are increasingly in use.
It is worth remembering that it is important the way we use the dryer. The device should keep a distance of not less than 20 cm from the head, and the air flow directed from top to bottom, with no long-term focus on one place. Thanks to avoid dryness of hair and can protect them against splitting of the ends. It is also important that, prior to the drying of the head, do not rub it with a towel. This causes the opening of the scales of hair, and as a result their frizz and porosity, making them much more difficult to comb.