Air conditioner with one tube or two?

Deciding how to select and buy a portable air conditioner, certainly we will have to decide whether we want a model with one or two pipes. Most are portable air conditioners from one tube (and this is by far the most in the market), but quieter and more efficient devices are two-pipe. The air for cooling is taken from one tube to the outside, and a second cooling tube provided in the room.

We must remember that, despite many advantages (mainly very simple installation), portable air conditioners generate a lot of noise due to the fan and compressor. It can be compared to the work of loud refrigerator (approx. 50-60 dB / A). Of course, like in refrigerators pray are quieter and louder (it depends on the parameters). Manufacturers usually indicate the level of noise, so if we want to minimize “noise”, be sure to pay our attention to the energy label, which can find information about how loud is the air conditioner. It is also worth to see what course applies to the volume level – let’s face it they will be higher, the louder will be the air conditioner.