The air conditioner in the house. How to choose the air conditioner

The air conditioner until recently was considered a luxury. But now air in your home is encountered more frequently. Most are split air conditioners or portable. If your home is too hot, the air conditioner will be useful. You just have to rethink his choice would ultimately not be disappointed with the results of air conditioning.

Air conditioners can be portable or permanently mounted, one-piece (monoblock) or consisting of two parts (split). There are also systems for multi-room, consisting of several units connected in one system, the so-called. Multisplit air conditioning. All air conditioners can cool the air, some also be heated. The cheaper devices used for this electric heater, more expensive act as a heat pump, so that consume significantly less power during heating.

How to choose the power of the air conditioner?

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Air conditioning mounted above all, to the cooling fan, so the most important parameter, which need to pay attention, searching for a suitable device is its capacity (power) cooling. For precise selection of air conditioning needed are a bit complicated calculations taking into account the heat gains from the sun, from the devices in a room of people staying in it and the resulting heat transfer through the walls and ceiling. For the purposes of selection of the air conditioner to the living areas such calculations are carried out rarely. Sufficiently accurate turns out to be a simple bill based on the assumption that the cooling capacity should be 0.1 kW per square meter of floor area. It follows that, for example, to the room of 20 m2 is suitable for the air conditioner power of 2 kW.

What kind of air conditioner – a portable or stationary?

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It seems that the portable air conditioner is more practical because you can set it up to where exactly we want to cool the air, and then move it to another location. Stationary air conditioner fixed to the wall or ceiling in a sustainable manner. But mobile devices have significant drawbacks, unfortunately. Its capacity is relatively small, so are often not able to cool the room sufficiently. Problems also arise from the need to discharge the exhaust them warm air. It is used for the flexible tube, the outlet should be issued outside the cooled room – practice, often the only possibility is to place it in the half-open window. But then it falls by hot air from the outside, removing the effect of the air conditioner. A major drawback of portable air conditioners is also their noisiness. Before buying it is worth checking what sound emits a device, taking a patch that in a small room it will be much more annoying than the big store, where there is always noise and the sound of the air conditioner slightly die in it. Quieter air conditioners are split, consisting of two units – the more noisy do not hear, because he is working outside the home.